Building a home is of great importance for every individual, and our company offers the possibility to realize the desire, using prefabricated timber that achieves better quality of the structure and a good quality of life.

Prefabricated houses that we produce are not built on the site, but partly manufactured in the factory in the form of panels or modules and then transported to the construction site . Many of these homes can be easily adapted to the specifics of the location of the building , making this form of construction far more flexible and modern than before .

Today, to design prefabricated house is a challenge for any architect. Design is becoming more inventive with a use of various geometric shapes and eco - friendly materials . This type of house follows the development of the current green architecture and sustainable construction and housing. Another big advantage is the fact that after the construction of this houses, after it stays little construction waste.

New wooden houses

Wooden Houses

Prefabricated wooden houses are made of wooden bearing structure with mineral wool , with a vapor barrier. On the inside, construction is lining with gypsum boards or paneling , and on the outside it is lining with the wooden cladding.

We have created model, that vary according to its size and type. Houses can be made with a client desire using an advice from the design team of our company.

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New prefabricated houses

Prefabricated Facilities

The possibility of a harmonious and efficient architecture that can be ordered, shaped, and very affordable to the masses, is the one of the factors of sustainable spatial development in the future. These objects can be in service of apartments, office building or studios. The advantage of this type of construction of buildings is reflected in a lower price than the classic brick building with a much shorter construction time, then in a small area of land required to set up, as well as the possibility of building a widget objects in a row. The use of industrial manufactured sandwich panels and other modern building materials, enable the rapid design of high-quality objects of different purposes based on the concept of modular construction : offices, clinics, schools and child care centers, showrooms, workshops, warehouses... Interconnection of basic units in a row allows quick and efficient construction of complex surfaces that can reach a few hundred square meters.

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Our company is besides wooden and prefabricated building, working on a brick building / masonry. If you want such a facility , we are available to listen , to consult with you and to meet with all your requirements.

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